There is often a misperception about the costs of solar.
Solar power is often considered as the best alternative power source to utility supply (the national grid). Although the initial set up costs are high; the savings in the long run will run into the thousands of Rands!

How does a solar power system work?

Solar panels, which are mainly roof mounted, generate solar energy form the sun. This DC rated electricity is then fed into to an inverter. The inverter then takes this DC electricity and charges the batteries which is also DC rated. The inverter converts or invert the DC rated electricity to AC which is then supplied to the household loads such as lights, tv’s, fridges, freezers, kettles, washing machines, swimming pool pumps etc…

Smaller systems are often not suitable for appliances such as stoves / ovens and geysers. As these appliances can be replaced with gas stoves / ovens and gas or solar geysers. This way it will be a fraction of the price of what a solar powered system would cost to power these appliances.
Bigger solar power systems, such as a 10kWh system (or bigger), can power stoves & ovens, geysers and other machinery that requires lots of current to run.

In a nutshell, a solar power system consists of solar panels, an inverter, a lithium battery bank, wiring & cabling, breakers, various consumables, and a couple of other smaller things.

Cost of solar.

We will arrange for an on-site assessment to determine your electricity requirements. After that, a more accurate costing can be done. Our quotes include design, supplying of all equipment, delivery, installation, and commissioning.

Below are good indications of the cost of solar.
The typical cost of a solar power installation can range from around about R65’000 to R200’000 depending on the size of the house and electrical requirements.

  • Smaller houses for example, would require a 3kWh system with an approximate cost of R65’000.
  • Medium houses for example, would require a 5kWh system with an approximate cost of R110’000.
  • Larger houses for example, would also require a 5kWh system (more battery backup and solar panels would be needed) with an estimated cost of about R165’000 to R200’000.

Monthly Utility Account

Approx House Size

System Size Required

Approximate Cost

Below R2’000-00 p/m




Between R2’000-00 & R3’000-00 p/m




Between R3’000-00 & R5’000-00 p/m



R165’000 to R200’00

* NOTE: These costings are estimates. For accurate costing, please contact us.
** NOTE: Electricity requirements depend largely on usage and number of appliances.