Eco Solar Power was founded by Hamzah Vertster in January 2010. Hamzah comes from a construction background where he has enjoyed the strength and stability that comes with a 20year strong back ground. He has worked as a project manager for the last 7 years. Over the years, he obtains and develop a strong knowledge and understanding for structural, electrical and chemical engineering. He worked for one of the big five construction companies in South Africa that has a strong corporate heritage. He will certainly understand all challenges that would come his way.

Prior to starting the Eco Solar Power, Hamzah was undertaking research on how (and if possible) to recondition old lead acid batteries. He developed and refined a method of reconditioning batteries based on his own research, trails and errors. This lead to a successful way of reconditioning of old and used lead acid batteries and bring them back to life again. He is confident that this experience will give him a leap above his competitors when it comes to the in-depth understanding and the science of batteries. From the correct load capabilities, charging methods, and off course proper maintenance and care to ensure the batteries a prolonged life - he understands it all.


Today Hamzah no longer recondition batteries. As of February 2015, a decision was undertaken to seize all operations of reconditioning of  batteries.
However, today Eco Solar Power imports brand new, premium quality, heavy duty deep-cycle solar batteries for off grit solar applications.


As a level 2 BEE contributor, they are confident and optimistic that the combined experience will be best used to manage any project successfully right from start to finish.